Terrorism/Violent Intruder

*Any individual who you believe places yourself or others in imminent danger*

Call 911, if possible, without angering the intruder. Contact the appropriate college official for your location, then call Campus Security at 574.4610.

DO NOT CONFRONT THE INTRUDER. If the intruder does not appear to pose an immediate danger, have one person talk to the intruder while another person observes without threatening the intruder. Always consider your safety and the safety of others before taking action.

Lock access between yourself and the in intruder. Evacuate only if necessary and possible without coming in contact with the intruder. Stay away from doors and windows.

If lockdown is announced immediately begin a lockdown, if available, in your building. A lockdown indicates that you should immediately lock any door between yourself and the intruder which will prevent access to you, even if you cannot see or hear the intruder.

Do not leave the area until notified to do so by an identifiable individual such as Campus Security, a supervisor, or the police.