When an​​ earthquake happens, keep calm. Do not run or panic. REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE. If you are indoors, take shelter under a desk or table, along an inner wall, or in a doorway. Stay away from windows, glass, walls, and outside doors. These are dangerous areas.

If you are outdoors, do not attempt to enter or leave buildings until you are advised it is safe to do so. Stay away from overhead electric wires, poles, or anything that may shake loose and fall. Move to an open area or corner of a building. If you are in or near a vehicle, exit the vehicle and position yourself on the ground beside the vehicle. Do not get under the vehicle.

After the initial shock, evaluate the situation. Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for additional "aftershocks".

  • Stay away from fallen or damaged electric wires and from windows.
  • If afire or serious injury results, follow procedures from the FIRE and MEDICAL EMERGENCY pages.
  • Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to evacuate the building. Elevators should not be used. Notify emergency personnel of anyone needing to be assisted in evacuation. Reference the EVACUATION PROCEDURE for further details.

After the earthquake, notify appropriate college officials of serious injury or hazards:

  • Report damaged facilities to the Facility Operations Office at 574.4692.
  • Notify Campus Security at 574.4610 to submit an incident report.

On the Grandview Campus, contact the Dean or designee at 882.7052.

Volcanic Eruption

If you are indoors, remain in place. If you are outdoors seek indoor cover at its nearest point. Monitor your local radio and television stations for updated information.

Contact the appropriate college official for your location, and call Campus Security at 509.574.4610.