Bomb Threat

Bomb threats usually occur by telephone. Remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller, such as voice, gender, background noises, and location of the bomb. Try to keep the person on the line and do the following:

  • Note the time of the call
  • Note the exact words said
  • Try to get answers to these questions:
        1. What time will the bomb explode?
        2. Where is the bomb now?
        3. What kind is it?
        4. What does it look like?
        5. Why did you place the bomb?

Do NOT use radios as frequency can detonate or acute a bomb circuit.
Immediately call 911, and then contact Campus Security at 574.4610 giving your name, location, and the telephone number. If instructed to evacuate the building, reference the EVACUATION PROCEDURE for further details.