The Writing Center

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"I am thankful for the Writing Center because without them I would not have great papers to hand into my teacher ... I will not stop going to the Writing Center because it is a lot of help, and I like the feedback I get."  

~Sarah Valencia


The Writing Center -- on the Yakima and Grandview campuses -- is a resource for YVCC students and faculty. Our primary purpose is to guide students to become better writers in a college setting.

We work with writers at any stage of the writing process, from getting started to final draft. Students may bring an assignment, an idea, or a draft to the Center and meet with a trained writing consultant.

If you can't get to one of the Centers, we can give you feedback on your paper online through our Online Consultations link.

Two Locations

Yakima Campus: G125, 574-4829
Grandview Campus: L101, 882-7073


  • Individual Consultations
  • Online Consultations

We also offer: English Language Learners Conversation Group (ELL Group), MLA, APA, and Punctuation Workshops (Monster Workshops), credit courses, writing resources, helpful handouts (see resources link for online downloads), style manuals for use in the center, dictionaries and books about writing, and Inspiration for clustering and creating outlines. We also provide a comfortable place to write and study, a limited number of computer work stations for writing, a space for peer groups to meet, and spoken word events and guest speakers.


My main goal for the Writing Center (Yakima campus) is to create a rich, collaborative environment where writers of all levels and experience have the opportunity to receive intelligent, informed feedback on their works in progress.

-- Dodie Forrest

Writing Center Director

Yakima Campus

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