​​Course Schedule

BASM Course Offerings 2 Year Program.  The order in which the courses are offered are subject to change.
Fall Quarter Yr.1
BASM 300Management Theory
BASM 380Marketing for Managers
BA 256Business Statistics
Winter Quarter Yr. 1
BASM 330Managerial Communications
BASM 315Professional Ethics
BASM 305Managerial Economics
Spring Quarter Yr. 1
BASM 310Accounting for Decision Makers
BASM 325Legal Issues
BASM 415Information Systems Management
Fall Quarter Yr. 2
BASM 420Human Resources
BASM 340Applied Financial Management
BASM 360Entrepreneurship & Small Business Strategy
Winter Quarter Yr. 2
BASM 320Organizational Behavior & Leadership
BASM 410Project Management
BASM 435Operations Management
Spring Quarter Yr. 2
BASM 470Management Internship
BASM 450BASM Special Topics
BASM 490Strategic Management